Hello everyone!

My name is Kelee Obrien... Welcome to V41! I am originally from Beloit, WI, but currently reside in Knoxville, TN. I have a passion for beauty, an eye for fashion and I live a health conscious lifestyle. I pride myself on my individuality, uniqueness and boldness. It is for those characteristics that I decided to start a blog.

During my adolescent years, I spent a lot of time with my grandmother, Gloria Jean. She possessed class, elegance, and a timeless beauty that was unmatched. It was during these years that I discovered my natural talents and God given abilities. I became familiar with fashion, gained an interest in beauty and enjoyed journaling. My grandma provided me with outlets to tap into my creativity. Through the years hair and fashion remained at the forefront of my interest.

It is important for me to have a creative outlet to share my love for beauty, fashion, fitness and travel. I am a wife and an expecting mother. We are over the moon about the addition to our family. My goal in life is to be genuinely and consistently happy.  Follow me along my journey!