I get several questions regarding my hair and overall natural hair journey. This journey has been such a liberating experience. It takes dedication, consistency, patience and finding the right products for your hair type. I went through several phases throughout this journey.

The first phase was the OMG, Help! phase. In this phase, I contemplated straightening my hair almost everyday. I did the big chop and could not believe my hair was gone. I was unsure of what products to use and how to style my hair.

The next phase is the Product Junkie phase. Here, I spent money on products and tools that would help with the manageability of my natural hair. I learned about the porosity of my hair, I became familiar with the ingredients in products, and I used the trial and error method. 

In the Curl Control phase, I finally felt like I was getting the hang of this natural hair thing. My hair grew longer and thicker than it had ever been before. I finally became comfortable wearing my wash and go's and different protective styles. 

In the final phase Lucious Locks, I wear my curls confidently! I have staple products that work best for my hair depending on the style. I am venturing out to try other products to become more familiar with how my hair reacts to various ingredients.

This journey has taught me so much! I learned to embrace my beautiful coils and I gained a confidence beyond esthetics. My hair is now at bra strap length and I am excited about my future growth and the overall health of my hair.