Six steps to the Perfect Ninja Bun:

1. Moisturize your hair with water and seal it an oil (I use my homemade oil blend). The water will expand your hair and create a full bun.

2. Gather all your hair to the top of your head. Make sure hair is laid down smooth. Additional water may be needed around edges.

3. Secure your bun with an elastic band, pulling the hair half way through. With a smaller elastic band, secure the center of the bun and any hair that may have fallen loose.

4. Pull out your baby hair brush or toothbrush to get those baby hairs just right. I like to use Eco Styler Morroccan Argan Oil Styling Gel.

5. Tie a satin or silk scarf around your hair to absorb the moisture and provide edge control.

6. After 10 minutes, remove the scarf and you have a flawless Ninja Bun!