Hello Mr. Weiser,

In 2014, I returned to Beloit to attend my 10 year high school class reunion. I was excited to tour BMHS to see the updates made to the high school, visit with my former teachers, reconnect with old friends and classmates, and relive some of those old memories. I asked our tour guide if you still taught Western Civilization and he informed me that you retired. I momentarily entered a perplexed state and thought to myself, “now how am I going to get in contact with him?” It was important for me to get in contact with you just to say THANK YOU!!

My freshman year at BMHS (2000-2001), I entered your class and I was impressed by the way you commanded respect. Every morning when you walked into the classroom we would simultaneously say ‘Good morning Mr. Weiser!’ If it wasn’t loud enough or if everyone didn’t participate, you would walk back out of the class and say “let’s try this again!” It was rare that happened often. In return, you treated everyone with the same amount of respect and referred to us by our last name.

It was the end of my semester and you handed out final grades. I received a B+ in your class. I sat at my desk for a few moments pondering on the idea of discussing my final grade with you. When I finally got enough courage, I nervously walked back to your desk and said, “Mr. Weiser, I thought I was going to get an A in your class.” You said, “Why do you deserve an A?” I replied, “because I did well on all my test and quizzes.” You said, “sell yourself.” I was not sure what that meant or how to execute it. You told me to convince you why I should receive an A in your class. I went on to explain all the reasons why I felt I earned a higher grade and long story short, I ended the semester with an A in Western Civilization.

In your class I learned structure, disciple, and most importantly how to sell myself. You taught me something more valuable than a history lesson. You educated me on how to clearly articulate my accomplishments and potential in a confident and convincing manner. You stressed the importance of thinking outside the box and I am genuinely grateful to have been in your class. I came across several good teachers in my academic career, however, you were one of the greats!

I recently made a career change and I am now pursuing my dreams in the beauty industry. In this industry I have to sell myself on a daily basis. I want to thank you so much for creating dialogue on a matter that has been prevalent throughout my college years and into my professional life. Too often people progress through life and do not take the time to express gratitude for those who have contributed to their growth. Mr. Weiser thank you for creating a teachable moment that would segway into a life lesson.