My husband and I make a conscious effort to eat healthy. Not saying we don’t enjoy our fair share of snacks and treats, but that is few and far between. These days I am eating for my son. I want to provide him with all of the beneficial nutrients to grow big and strong.

I was on FaceTime with my mom while I was eating my breakfast one day. She asked what I was eating and I told her everything on my bagel and the benefits. She said you should post a blog about healthy foods to eat while pregnant (thanks for the idea mom).

I am actually not a bagel eater, however my husband made this one morning and I have been eating it every since. Let me just preference by saying I do not like eggs or avocados individually, however, together with the other toppings this is the best bagel I have ever had. On this bagel, I made scrambled eggs, added avocado, cheese, and turkey bacon. On the side I have fresh blueberries and to wash everything down, I had ice cold Almond Milk. Check out the benefits below.

Organic Bagel- The Epic Everything brand has a high protein and omega-3 content. Omega-3 has a positive effect on visual and cognitive development of my son.

Organic Eggs- Eggs are a good source of protein and good for my little mans brain development. *Superfood

Avocado- Avocados are strongly recommended during pregnancy because of the various vitamins and minerals. This unassuming fruit contains essential nutrients such as folate and potassium. *Superfood

Cheese- Mild Cheddar for added texture and taste.

Turkey bacon- I prefer turkey bacon over pork bacon because it is leaner and it tastes better.

Blueberries- Blueberries are considered brain food also assist with immune development during pregnancy. They are high in vitamin C, potassium, folic acid and antioxidants. *Superfood

Almond Milk- I prefer almond milk over cows milk because I am able to digest it better. This milk is rich in protein: This helps in the healthy development of my son’s muscle mass.

*Superfoods provide greater health benefits then most other foods.

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