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The Christmas season is here! Don't be the one who procrastinated and waited to the last minute to start your Christmas shopping. Shopping for others can be a bit of a challenge. However, don't let that overshadow what this time of the year is really about. Hopefully, after reading the Gift Guide 101, you can check off Christmas shopping on your To-do List.

The key to shopping for Her is knowing what she likes. Is she into make-up, fitness, fashion?  This guide provides gift ideas for a broad spectrum of women from the fitness woman to the stylish women and even the simplistic woman.

Men, there are gifts that you can never go wrong with purchasing. You know the saying, "diamonds are a girls best friend." We appreciate diamonds in any form, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, body jewelry... Should I continue? We always welcome protection from the elements, especially winter. That includes hat and glove sets, Winter boots, and even rain boots. Also, a good handbag never goes out of style. 

Fellas, always remember this... We love to smell good, look good, and feel good. A gift that covers at least one of these elements she appreciates the thought... two she is impressed with the idea and all three, SCORE! She is captivated by your ability to understand her innermost needs. Just remember, stick to your budget and it's the thought that counts! 

If you're like me, you'll appreciate this last suggestions. Put the money that would have been spent on gifts into a vacation account. Creating memories supersedes materialistic things any day. 

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Fellas, I didn't forget about you! While us women like a more exclusive and thought provoking gift our guys like simplicity. Men appreciate gifts that will make his life easier. Most men aren't like us. They don't use subliminal messages or throw hints throughout the year. 

Shopping for Him may be more complex. What it really comes down to is knowing your man, what he likes, what he needs, his hobbies, what he looks at when you take him to the store. If your man is like mine, he wants no parts of the mall. Many men are self-sufficient, meaning if he wants or needs something he buys it himself (we do it too). That's where creativity comes into play. Think outside the box.

Ladies, you can never go wrong with a classic tennis shoe and/or athletic gear for a more athletic man. A more techie man, would appreciate electronics. Any man would be grateful for a nice watch and/or a winter coat, especially if he doesn't already have one already. 

Ladies, if all else fails... Put a bow on yourself, I'm sure your man would appreciate that (fellas thank me later). 

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