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Hey there! I know it's been a minute since my last post, but I've had a lot going on. I started a new job managing an Aveda Salon. I am super excited and I feel right at home especially coming from an Aveda school. Speaking of my school, I had the opportunity to style hair at our Catwalk For Water Fashion Show. I love the fact that I am able to use my God given abilities to give back! 

I digress. Since our dress code is all black, my closet is slowing getting consumed with black blouses, pants, jeans, shoes, scarves, should I continue...? Even when I am not shopping for work, I find myself buying all black. Wearing black makes me feel powerful, stylish and sophisticated. I like the fact that black is easy to layer, it matches effortlessly, and flatters my figure. 

The title of this post is a double entendra. I want to take a moment to appreciate my melanin. The other day at work, I helped two beautiful black queens who were around 60+ years young. They were buying skincare products and neither of them had a wrinkle in sight. The young lady at the counter complimented their skin and asked what their secret was. She confidently and unapologetically replied, "Being Black!" We all laughed! That really resonated with me because too often we are expected to downplay what makes our culture unique and beautiful. This was a reminder that we are striking, complex, and extraordinary beings that were wonderfully created.

By the way, my chic hat is vintage! I remember my grandma wearing this hat with style and grace.

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