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Pregnancy is very intimate and personal to each individual woman. The experiences are different, the symptoms are different, emotional are different etc. There are so many women who provide pregnancy advice and tell you all about their awful pregnancy experience (just take it with a grain of salt). It is also okay, to kindly decline hearing any negative pregnancy experiences.

I know women are trying to be open and honest about what I could possibly experience, however, when I want to discuss a specific situation about pregnancy I will ask for advice. I want to put myself in a different mind frame. I do not want to go into labor and delivery scared or intimidated because all that does is interferes with the production of oxytocin. I have full confidence that my body knows what to do, after all we were created for this.

I found myself anticipating a negative experience early on because that is what I was ‘conditioned’ to believe. When I release all that negativity and decided to embrace my own pregnancy journey and just block out everything I had been told, my experience has been amazing! I am almost 9 months pregnant and still very active.

I believe staying active through this journey has been beneficial. They say staying active helps with labor, so anything to help with that process. I also work out daily because self-care is very important. I focus on Yoga, kickboxing, and pilates.


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Second trimester was a breeze! I felt like myself again. Of course, there were occasional days where I felt lethargic, but that just comes with the territory. Overall, my energy was up, my appetite came back and I was able to work out daily. I went to the gym three to four days a week and did prenatal yoga and pilates on the other days. When I wanted a more intense workout, I did prenatal kickboxing.

I did not have any strange food cravings. I continued to eat clean to make sure my son gets all the nutrients needed for him to grow strong and healthy. I noticed I got full pretty fast and I was hungry more often. I transitioned from eating three meals to four meals a day with small snacks in between. I really listened to my body and ate when I felt hungry.

The only purchase I made for myself that related to pregnancy was a pair of maternity leggings, a pair of maternity jeggings and two maternity tops. I made purchases that would be beneficial for me during and after my pregnancy. We purchased the most amazing house shoes that I have EVER owned. The brand is Vionic and it is an understatement to call these slippers amazing. They really deserve their own post (coming soon). I really wanted to keep cost down and just make purchases that were necessary.


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