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My maternity photo shoot was definitely one of the highlights of my pregnancy! With so much going on both mentally and physically it was nice to get back into my element. My photos were shot by Stephanie Richer of Stephanie Richer Photography. When Stephanie told me her vision for the shoot, I knew we were on the same page. We both envisioned a more high-end editorial shoot. The pictures were everything I anticipated and more. 

Stephanie did an amazing job capturing each image. She has a special way of creating a fun and energetic atmosphere. She understands the concept of light and used cool techniques to capture the perfect image. She also shot our breathtaking engagement pictures.

My make up was done by Kristen ‘KC’ Coleman. She provides both hair and make-up services, however we just did make-up. She did an awesome job! We didn’t even have a consultation. She went in really soft and natural which I really appreciated because I don’t wear make-up on a regular basis. I absolutely love a subtle beat!

The dress I chose to wear is a black form fitting Betsey & Adam gown with embellishment around the neck and arms. It’s not a maternity dress, however, it fits comfortably on my bump.  I wore my black Christian Louboutins to compliment such a regal gown.

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